24/7 Super was created by a landlord for landlords. After years of receiving phone calls from tenants at all hours about maintenance issues, we realized we needed a more convenient way to communicate with tenants. Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, if tenants could submit their issues online, where problems could be routed to maintenance staff automatically? Our crew could make repairs faster, keeping tenants happier, and we’d be able to sleep through the night again… and so, 24/7 Super was born.

Designed for people like us – small to medium-sized residential and commercial property owners – 24/7 Super simplifies maintenance management for everyone involved, from tenants and landlords to maintenance staff and property managers. It gives your team the ability to track tenant satisfaction and hold maintenance staff accountable. And with the flexible notification system, landlords receive alerts only for what they consider to be high priority issues, letting them stay focused on the big picture without missing anything important.

24/7 Super is continuing to evolve and improve, with exciting new features on the road map to help maintenance management even simpler. Keep an eye on the blog to learn about new features are they’re announced, or sign up for a free trial to take a closer look for yourself.